What to knit while awaiting the returns

1. Seam up that sweater lying in your knitting basket. Then no matter who wins tonight you have something new to wear tomorrow.

2. Knit a scarf or hat for people experiencing homelessness. After eight years of Dubbya-nomics, there appear to be more people facing the prospect of a cold winter. Do a search under Ravelry's groups for "homeless" for some good ideas about where to donate.

3. Confronting post-election depression? Treat yourself to a skein of Schaefer's "Sock the Vote," dyed and named for the ladies who made made the 2008 election season that much less dull--Hillary, Michelle, Cindy and Sarah.

4. Really, really depressed? Three recommendations: Artyarns.com. Tilltomas.com. Alchemyyarns.com.

5. Ready to emigrate? Lots of great yarn shops and fiber in Canada. (Not that they want us.)

6. Staying up all night? The Wedding Ring Shawl should take your mind off matters Wink

And, please vote!

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November 6. 2008 09:11


And if you're not crazy already, making that gorgeous but way complicated-looking shawl could drive you there.

Susan |

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