When life gives you apples, make apple cider?

Clearly we have been blessed. With thousands of tiny, sour little apples.

Those of you who are similarly blessed recognize the mixed emotions harvest seasons brings. The squirrels gorge on the best fruit then pelt the cats with their leavings. The worms bore into the fattest, rosiest apples; how they get up the tree, well, it boggles the mind. The wind drops beautiful fruit onto fence posts, compost bins and sidewalks, leaving open wounds for the ants. 

We get what's left. And what's left is a lot. The neighbors have started locking their doors when they see us approach bags in hand.

Apple sauce? Curried apple soup? Apple cake?

Just bought an apple corer. It's going to be a long fall.



























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August 31. 2010 17:59


If only we lived closer! I need a bunch of apples for a centerpiece and for apple cake next week!

Kathleen |

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