Where's Cher when you need her?

The Oscar’s were predictably dreary, though Ellen was an amiable breath of fresh air.

Hollywood, however, seemed disingenous in its deification of Al Gore. Folks acted like he was about to sprout wings and ascend to heaven. My question: Where were ya’all six-and-a-half years ago? (Thinkin’ he was Bill’s tight-assed VP, that’s where.)

There were certainly some lovely dresses. Cate Blanchett looked amazing in her second-skin Armani. As did Reese Witherspoon in that gorgeous ombre by Olivier Theskens. Jodie Foster was radiant in a soft blue-grey Vera Wang. And Diane Keaton actually struck a body-conscious note, looking comfortable and fabulous in a black blouse and skirt cinched with a wide patent-leather belt. (Though I’m not sure how I feel about Jack sans hair.)

Others will have snarkier and wittier things to say, as in what were those carbunkles doing on Eva Green’s gown? And where were the sweaters and shawls? Was the Kodak Theatre so warm one needn’t cover bare shoulders?

Thank goodness for Pilobolus.

Your take?


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February 26. 2007 05:37


I could not make it to the end despite many beautiful gowns and Ellen.  It was a huge snore and Nicole Kidman should loose the red dress!

margene |

February 26. 2007 12:37


I like Nicole's dress.  It wasn't my favorite thing that she's ever worn, but she could make anything look elegant.  It looked amazing when she was presenting...kinda like Cameron Diaz.  Jennifer Lopez looked like she was channelling Liz Taylor.  I think my favorite of the night was Gwyneth.  And I loved that Jada's dress was the same color as an Oscar.  Will won a gold statuette regardless.  Smile

Christie |

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