Whimples for whippets

Since I’m swatching for dollars currently, I’m relying on the kindness of friends for content. This from the Garlic Queen, who crocheted up a gaggle of snoods for a local saluki breeder. Apparently the beasts are always mussing their pretty ears with food, water and general wantonness. 



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March 21. 2008 01:30


I think it's all a plot. They can be plenty neat. They were just angling for wimples.

Deborah Robson |

March 21. 2008 04:04


Saluki's are beautiful dogs. They look very pretty, but I'm surprised they don't shake or scratch them off.

Roxanne |

March 21. 2008 22:00


I have made "snoods" for my two retired racing greyhounds to keep their necks and ears warm when outside in the winter.  The coat doesn't go far enough up.  It's common in the sighthound community to see headgear.  I have a wonderful cable pattern which includes a buttonhole for the lease to clip on.  Designed by a woman in London.  Proceeds go to greyhound rescue.  

Besides -- most sighthounds are fashion conscious.

Diana |

March 22. 2008 03:07


Saluki snoods! That's priceless.

(Happily Sophie is shaggy enough she needs no extra layers. If you put anything on her, she freezes in place and rolls her eyes at you with a look that clearly says, "Get it off! Get it off!")

Kitt |

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