Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

From time to time, Mitch and I buy lottery tickets—usually when the jackpot hits some extraordinary number. Not that we think we’ll win—one is more likely to be kidnapped by a legion of aliens than win the Lotto—but it’s fun to think about. Do you ever play that game? If I had a gagillion dollars, what would I do?

Sometimes we start with the practical and altruistic stuff: College funds for the neice and nephews. An endowed scholarship. More “impactful” philanthropy. Sometimes, we’ll begin with time—for me that would mean writing in the mornings—no deadlines!—lunch with friends, yoga, and then home to make dinner. I would continue to cook, but all our meat would be organic—an impossible luxury now—and I’d have plenty of time for it, because the housekeeper would be doing the cleaning. Some afternoons, I’d volunteer; I’ve been wanting to help Russian immigrants study for citizenship. We’d take Spanish classes and learn to ballroom dance. I’d indulge in the occasional spa treatment and treat my friends to pedicures and facials. I’d hang at the LYS and knit. In the evenings, reading and knitting with Mitch and the cats. Dinners with loved ones. And occasional travel.

Sometimes we think really big. A house in the country with a separate writing/fiber studio, lightfilled and lined with maple cubbies and cabinets for books, yarn and beads. There’d be room for a spinning wheel, or two, a knitting machine and plenty of floor space for yoga practice. The house would have a big bathroom with a jetted tub and an ample dining room and kitchen. We’d refurbish a house that already existed so as not to develop raw land and it wouldn’t be huge—maybe solar powered?

Even if none of us ever win the Lotto, it’s helpful to dream, don’t you think? It can help cut away the clutter and keep one focused—and I can see, I have a lot of focusing to do.



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June 22. 2006 07:35


If I won the lottery, I'd take a similar path I think.  Scholarships for Nick and Hannah, set up a philanthropic foundation to give money to efforts that have a positive contribution to our community...and the communities we love.

Maybe I'd find more time to design web sites, and work and play with my children.  I love what I do now - training - and would want to continue that.

It is fun to dream getting that gazillion dollars.  Keep hold of you dreams.  It not only helps with focus, but gives the mind and spirit an uplifting, relaxing few minutes!

John |

June 29. 2007 17:24


All I can say is, God bless those wild and wacky Transcendentalists

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