Why home remodeling is just like knitting

1. Both start with the germ of an idea.

Knitter: Wouldn't it be great to have a one-button black cardi I could wear with anything?

Home remodeler: Wouldn't it be great to tear down this wall?

2. Both cost a lot of money.

K: It's only a $100.

HR: It's only a $1,000.

Both can be unforgiving.

K: Would you look at that, I forgot to take my gauge. (Proceeds to rip.)

HR: Would you look at that, the kitchen's on fire. (Deploys fire extinguisher.)

3. Both involve prodigious amounts of swearing.

K: F*ck me.

KR: F*ck everything.

4. Both require problem solving on the fly.

K: I'll just add an increase here and one there and no one will ever know.

HR: We'll just shim it up.

Both require vaccuming

K: 15 minutes to suck up extraneous bits of fluff and yarn.

HR: 5 hours to suck up extraneous toxic chemicals and dry wall dust.

Both can be extremely satisfying.

K: Look what I did in 70 hours.

HR: Look what I did in 70 hours.

Before: Tiny living room window

After: Really big new window in progress

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October 20. 2008 11:15

Deborah Robson

Great window. I took out a wall earlier this year. SO worthwhile! Although yeah, knitting's easier to clean up.

Deborah Robson |

October 20. 2008 11:49


Holy cow! That's an awesome job. Another comparison: Both leave you something lovely to look at.

Kitt |

October 20. 2008 12:05


Wow.  What a difference 70 hours can make.  I wonder if my apartment manager would care if I took out a wall...

Christie |

October 20. 2008 12:21


Now that's one big-ass window. I'm assuming you were too busy assisting the remodelers to get to the cardi????

Susan |

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