YSL exhibit at the Denver Art Museum: Smitten

You never see the front of the dress in any of the ads, but it's equally as fetching; a ruched swath of pink satin secures a (necessarily almost non-existent) bosom culminating in the dramatic anterior bow. Charming, especially accessorized as it was with two dazzling garnet bracelets.

We were at the Denver Art Museum two evenings ago for a tour of the YSL exhibit combined with bespoke perfume pairings, highlighting different features of the show. We'd stop and look at a garment, say a green, fur coat:

Scented cards were passed and sniffing commenced, lots of green notes in this one. The perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is extremely knowledgeable and made smart connections between fashion history, perfume history, esthetics and things that smell just plain yummy.

Guimauve de Soie ("Silk Marshmallow") was a personal fave and I adored her riff on the classic YSL fragrance Opium. Some weren't to my liking, too floral or ethereal or eau-de-windex for me. But all interesting.

And isn't that the way with scent? Part mood, part chemistry, part personal preference. Drunk from scent, the clothes might have been even more compelling. Will return to the exhibit, not under the influence of ambergris and oakmoss.

Intrigued? The perfumes are available at the Denver Art Museum gift shop and online.

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