Yarn bras

Since I'm knitting for hire, possessed of a deceased camera and have absolutely nothing to add to the mutual dialogue, I thought I'd share the scene of the crime where I left my yarn budget for the next three months:

Ladies, if you're in need of a lift, Cherry Creek starts its Sidewalk Sale today and it includes offerings from one of my faves--SOL--the Store of Lingerie. If you're pushing the upper limits of a C-cup, let me encourage you to investigate the gravity-defying benefits of a good foundation garment. And there's no better time than when they've been nipped, tucked and slashed into oblivion.

Do go. Your “yarn“ will thank me.


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July 26. 2007 14:15


Oooh, thanks for the reminder! I got the best-fitting bras of my life there (I was wearing the wrong size; who knew?), and I need some new ones.

Kitt |

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