Yarn shops we'd love to see

D’yall fantisize about yarn shops in unusual contexts?

The airport yarn shop—A no brainer. Frazzled women with credit cards. Imagine the sock yarn you’d sell.

The wine bar yarn shop—Another no brainer. Drunk women with credit cards. Red wine comes in crystal sippy cups to avoid yarn stains.

The hotel concierge yarn shop—Lose a DPN? Call room service!

The day-care provider yarn shop—Full-time, certified child care professionals watch children while mommy shops.

The counseling center yarn shop. Still another no brainer. Distraught women with credit cards. If knitting is therapeutic, why not offer the real thing?

What’s your yarn shop fantasy?


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August 30. 2007 00:05


24-hour yarn shops. Seriously, why do they all close before or exactly at the same time that I get off work?

Yarn shop in the mall. This might just be my area, but I've never seen a LYS in a mall.

Yarn shop at Blockbuster/local rental store. You know why.

kim |

August 30. 2007 01:41


Yarn shop that also does doggy day care...pups get to play while you knit and shop.

Pam |

August 30. 2007 02:36


I would have to agree with the 24 hour...at least one that doesn't have banking hours every day but Thursday.  We're not all SAHM's!  

When I was a kid, there was a craft shop in our mall...I used to get latch hook rugs.

Christie |

August 30. 2007 10:57


Hospital and/or medical clinic yarn shops.
Gym yarn shops.
Grocery yarn shops.

Deborah Robson |

August 30. 2007 11:04

Lucy Korhonen

I agree with hospital/clinic yarn shop.

High school football/basketball yarn shops.

Lucy Korhonen |

August 30. 2007 21:13


I have two thoughts:

First: I live in a remote area. Having a yarn shop come near me is a real pipe-dream. So I'd like some kind of online yarn-shop to be like Amazon, specifically like Amazon with the "Prime" shipping option. Because - first of all, they'd have like every yarn that ever there was (one of the problems I have with some online yarn shops is that they don't carry certain yarns). And second- you pay a flat yearly fee and get free two-day shipping on whatever's in-stock that you order. (Another problem I have with some on-line yarn shops is that you wait FOREVER for your order).

That's about as close to instant shopping gratification as I get. I could order yarn on a Monday and have it on Wednesday. (As it is now - if I even want to go to the (pleh) Hobby Lobby, which is the closest thing that supplies yarn-like substances, I have to drive 1/2 hour each way - so that pretty much makes it a weekend-only option).

Or, if I get to dream big and actually contemplate a yarn shop near me - what I'd like would be a campustown yarn shop. I am a college prof, and where I teach, there really ISN'T a campustown. But I'd love to have one, especially one within easy walking distance of my office - and for them to have a yarn shop. So when I'm totally about to lose my stuff, I could put a sign up on my office door saying I'd be back in an hour, and walk over there and pet the yarn. And maybe have it have a lunchtime SnB session so I could run over there and decompress a little during the day.

fillyjonk |

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