Yarn surfing: Danger, danger

Yesterday I was writing about Tahki Donegal Tweed (yes, I write about yarn, a tough job but someone's got to do it), and stumbled on this sweater:


This is the Great Expectations Coat from the cover of Tahki Yarns Book Smart Tweed Collection, 3rd Edition. It's designed by one of my favorites, Vladimir Teriokhin, whose work appears regularly in Vogue Knitting. As you can see from the design above, his work is clean and modern, but knitterly--fashion-forward but with good legs.

A kit for the above garment runs about two bills. And even at 4.5 stitches-to-the-inch, it's not like it's a weekend knit. You can see how easily one slides into the quicksand with this yarn writing.

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January 15. 2010 12:20


Wow!  That's some sweater!  It's beautiful, but I think it would be entirely too baggy on me!  WHEW!  Dodged the 2 bill sweater lusting bullet!

Christie |

January 16. 2010 07:05


Looks like old Vlad was channeling F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Jocelyn |

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