Yoga crone


I've been going to yoga more, challenging classes where the boys walk on their hands before class and the girls curl up like sea shells--backwards.

I unroll my mat in some inconspicuous spot, the cougar in the corner, hoping the teacher will leave me hopping like a jack rabbit in tree pose or flailing awkwardly, a pile of sticks trying to arrange itself in pigeon. Invariably, though, she notices and comes to roll my hunched shoulders back or to square my lazy hips.

Like knitting, or God help me, writing, yoga is endlessly interesting. There is no exhausting it. No perfecting downward dog or mastering trikonasana. There is always some deeper, stronger place to go. Some new bendy pose or difficult variation to try.

I'm at the point in all of this where my hips just hurt, like an old lab with displaysia. Surely I'm unblocking something terribly important. I'm just glad we're not playing dodge ball.

Video found by way of Yoga Dork.



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February 1. 2010 19:06


The snoring person is definitely me.  I did a hot yoga class yesterday with Maureen and people were throwing themselves into all sorts of arm balances and head stands and stuff that I'm too chicken to try.

What I do love about yoga is that is never perfect, there is always something new to learn, no matter how many times you have done the pose.

Caitlin |

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