You can't go wrong with...

A feature in Vanity Fair inspired this nostalgic trip...unfortunately some of these brands are no longer manufactured stateside but they continue to impress. What am I missing?

1. London Fog. Props to the company for using the voluptuous Christina Hendricks as its spokesperson. 

2. Bass. Remember when you hated saddle shoes?

3. Pendleton. Granted their design is a little stodgy. But they source much of their wool domestically and do much of their weaving in the Pacific Northwest. (Garment construction, it seems, is done overseas.) And you can't argue with the blankets.

4. Timex. Classic. Cheap. Timeless.

5. Levi's. Two words: Straight legs.  

6. Minnetonka. Suspect I owe my bunion to wearing these back in the day. Still.

7. Keds. Bunion exhibit B.

8. Maybelline Great Lash. Others just don't cut it.







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