You know you're getting old when...

You think you look 29, but people say, "So how old are you, 29"? and then laugh hysterically.

You'd rather have a tooth pulled than put on a swimming suit.

You think it's rude when people check their Blackberries in meetings.

You buy bras designed by civil engineers.

You'd rather type a letter than text.

You consider your upper arms urban blight.

You still own a fruit crate full of LPs.

You remember when variegated acrylic yarn was the cool stuff.

You spend more on skin care than the gross national product of some countries.

You long for tuna noodle casserole.

You know what Fortran is.

You idolized Arnold Palmer and in later years, Davy Jones.

You're more interested in knitting for an hour than happy hour.

Nake-id Knits, proudly born on July 14, 1960.

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July 14. 2008 02:19


Happy Birthday! Sept 1957 here.

Barbara |

July 14. 2008 03:11


Happy birthday to a fellow Boomer!

Kitt |

July 14. 2008 03:57


Go storm the Bastille!!  Or, you know, go to bed early.  Happy Birthday.  And you'll always be 5 months younger than me.

Harper |

July 14. 2008 05:21


You're not getting old, you're getting better! I know because I'm 10 years older than you!

margene |

July 14. 2008 05:22


Oh and I should add...

margene |

July 14. 2008 06:00


. .  . when programming was done on punch cards.
. . . when AM was the only radio to listen to.
. . .when the dream car your boyfriend used to take you to the prom just passed by with "classic" license plates on it.

Happy Birthday from someone also on the near side of 50.

Diana |

July 14. 2008 07:04


...when a teenage niece asks what an 8-track tape is.
...when your arms aren't long enough for you to read the fine print.

Happy Birthday.

Pam |

July 14. 2008 07:23


. . .carbon paper and mimeograph machines were standard office equipment
. . .telephones had dials and a girl dreamed of getting her very own "Princess" phone for her bedside table
. . .having a cocktail at lunch and smoking at one's desk were widely accepted behaviors

Happy birthday, kiddo, from one Cancerian/knitter/blogger/smarty-pants to another.

threadingwater |

July 14. 2008 08:12


Happy Birthday dear Leslie!
Feliz Cumpleaños!

Vik |

July 14. 2008 11:58

Yarn Thing

WAY TO GO, you made it another year!!!  Happy birthday my dear friend Smile


Yarn Thing |

July 15. 2008 00:58

Deborah Robson

A very happy birthday, and may this year be the best so far (leaving even better for the following year.

I remember *before* punchcards, and *before* room-sized computers that required climate control and were far less powerful than today's laptops. I remember *before* you could *dial* the phone, when you would tell the operator what number you wanted, and it consisted of a city name and four digits. Oy. I don't think I'm very old yet, though. I sure don't feel it.

Deborah Robson |

July 16. 2008 01:32


---when you remember scrambling for change to buy gas to go "cruising" and it was .26 a gallon
---when yogurt was sold in glass jars and your lunch was wrapped in waxed paper
---worst yet, when my one and only dream was to own a skirt with a French poodle on it (TG that never happened)
---when being promiscuous was a night of madly making out at the drive in
---when things you grew up with are now what you find in antique stores
---when the current generation thinks all things 70s are cool!

martie |

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