Your partner as photog

You know the drill. You’ve got a blog to feed, an FO to shoot and your in-house photog is:

A. In the bathroom (What does he do in there that takes so freakin’ long?)

B. Not in the mood

C. Working

D. Eating breakfast

E. In the bathroom. Again.

You guys have this problem?


Ran across this article in Craft about photostyling in today's online peregrinations.

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January 30. 2008 02:04


Since I hate having my photo taken, and, as we all know, I have no blog, it's always him wanting to take photos at inconvenient times, when I"m
1. On the phone
2. Reading (not an activity specifically designed for interruption as some may think!)
3. Crocheting
4. On the Web
5. On the phone (again)
6. In my nightgown

Susan |

January 30. 2008 02:13


Well, I dismissed my in-house photog, when to Radio Shack and bough a $20 tri-pod.  Always on call, portable and doesn't complain.  Nor does it shake the camera or get my bad side.

Christie |

January 30. 2008 02:32


OMG, the timing of this post could not have been better.  You would not believe what I went through this morning to get my picture taken.  I know it was 6 below zero, but all he had to do was stand in the kitchen doorway for like, 3 seconds.  Finally, he agreed to do it.  I get dressed, wearing approximately 60 lbs of winter clothing in a 70 degree house and I'm ready to step outside for the shoot.  "Honey, I'm ready!"
"I'll be there as soon as I finish this email."
Knowing his emails cannot be completed in less than 350 words, I take off the extra 60 lbs. of wool and chill out.  Ten minutes later, he's ready and mightily annoyed that he has to wait for me to get dressed, AGAIN.
I am NOT smiling behind those Foster Grants and the balaclava.

threadingwater |

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